Wednesday, June 17, 2009

malacca visit…2009

the time was just right when my father in-law, which is the president for OKU people at Kg Baru  Besut wanted to make a trip to malacca.

he then asked me whether i have any place to recommend for the trip.  so i recommended the complex…Kompleks Falak Al-Khawarizmi…then they can go down to Bandar Hilir and Ayer Keroh for site visiting and shopping…

so he then ask us to follow so that we could show them the place and help out with the pucuk dicita ulam mendatang…and during school i can bring my bunch of joys together..tagging along the OKU people.

so pictures .. later after the story k..we arrived on thursday afternoon and the OKu’s on friday morning..

everything goes well…ada la hickups here and there but it is normal..but neglected sgt coz there is no BBQ….patutnya malam tu ada BBQ and we end up having nasi lemak instead..panasnya hati….sebab dia dah kata we requested that our 3 meals to be added up into the BBQ..hampeh

so presenting all the pictures…tgk2 tau


P6130114 P6120032 P6120033 P6120037 P6120039 P6120040 P6120041 P6120047 P6120049 P6120050 P6120051 P6120056 P6120058 P6120063 P6120077 P6130098 P6130101 P6130103 P6130106 P6130112 P6130113

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A journey to Malacca with the OKU’s

salam semua….and veryyyy gooodddd day

today, we are preparing things for tomorrow’s event..we are going to Malacca…to Kompleks Falak Al-Khawarizmi…where following us is the people from Pusat Dalam Komuniti..(PDK) a society for the OKU.  the actual date for this event is on the 12 & 13 of june 2009..but we are going there one day early to make sure everything is prepared accordingly.

according to the coordinator…everything is we juat go and bunk in ourselves there..

the visit … covers the complex, ayer keroh and bandar few known places for historical events…the trishaw ride, museum, the malaysia and many more…

so come join me…cuti-cuti malaysia….hhahaha

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

weekend yang indah

salam and hi to all,

i know it’s a bit too late to tell the over weekend story but ..aku nak cerita jugak sebab ianya something that everyone should know…though it is posted late..

ok last weekend..on friday till sunday, my family and I went to KL not only for school holidays matters but most importantly is the BIONAS seminar..which my husband attended.  when we arrived, the first place to go is the PETROSAINS..sebab nak check in tak leh lagi…kita orang stay kat IMPIANA KLCC..waaa cam gempak ..actually kita org ada beli holiday package and entitled to free stay at two participating hotels..which we chose IMPIANA & GRAND SEASONS…so that’s y laa leh stay kat sana…

after PETROSAINS…lama kat situ almost 4 hours..then we checked in at IMPIANA…the hotel is situated behind KLCC and nice place but not friendly staff…best part..i think malaysia dah tak ada pekerja sendiri dah kot..kena ambik bangla kerja kat hotel dgn pakai kotnya..dgn sombongnya….atau mungkin sombong utk family melayu macam aku dan tidak kepada mat-mat dan minah2 salleh yg dtg dari negara luar…isn’t that double standard???? i wonder…best part the second day.. we all went out to send my husband at the seminar’s place..balik ke hotel nak park kereta.,,i saw the sign says i stopped at the entrance and the bangla man approached me..this is the conversation:

bangla:  r u guest here?

me:  yes i am

bangla:  what room?

me:  1306..(we were in that roommmmm)

bangla:  ooo car park full…

me:  so where am i suppose to park my car??…(wira pun kereta jugak…takkan merc aje dapat parking space…)

bangla:..looked everywhere around …u can park on the top level…he then opens the barricade..and let me pass through

me:  thank you…

u see … malaysians are treated as though we are not in our country and pentingnya darjat utk menentukan kedudukan..ridiculous…klu org golongan sederhana pegi sana..mungkin akan dihalau seperti anjing..lainla kalau golongan sederhana tu naik HONDA ke, CAMRY ke…;)

ok la enough of that not very nice hospitality…saturday..the seminar GRAND SEASONS hotel..the seminar is by BIONAS..a leading company producing BIO-DIESEL doubt my husband yg pergi seminar but i have been to the briefing long before my husband’s seminar ni..because i am going to be the consultant for one of the scheme for BIONAS

ok..back to the seminar…in this seminar the main topic was about this plant called JARAK or scientific name is JATHOPHA CURCAS.  how to plant it, mend it and what it gives as a return…(contact me if u want to know more k)

the return..if u r a nursery…1 week u could get about 20k-40k per month..and not worry…customers already in hand….furthermore..planting this plant is very easy with very low maintenance…(this is a true story by one of the planters that we visited yesterday)..and of course u r bide by TOC kan…

ok..i have link the BIONAS website…feel free to browse and attain knowledge..jgn tunggu lama2..RUGI

so tu la weekend yg indah..sunday after ZOO NEGARA visit.. we head before starting a new journey this weekend to MALACCA….yeah….

Monday, June 1, 2009

minggu-minggu yang indah…

salam to all…and very happy monday morning,

wow…so long…dah lama aku tak update this blog…lately been bz..10 days in johor…came back and just finish 5 days access training in KL..alhamdulillah..

so here nak story sikit pasal classes and i have few pictures to share…ok..we;ll start with the class in Johor.  the class starts on 13 till 20th..of  may…so i have to make a one day earlier trip to johor by bus..on the 12th..trip by bus took me 7 lovely hours ..tiring of course..

this is a lecture type class..for certification..subject yg aku kena ajar COMPTIA PROJECT+ – a certification by comptia..mula2 aku takut nak ambik since this is the first class of project+ and aku tak pernah tgk syllabus dia aku pun buat research lebih kurang and i got it..

all the while teaching MS Project tak tahu ada certification for tak apa i take up the challenge…good class..i like..teaching students and being called LEcturer..wahhhh…awesome…so every day i prep for the class…although brain is tired but that really gives me something…ok my student pass the exams…

so went on to the next class Access..teaching corporate students of Airforce…cool isn’t it..

teaching basic is simple but students asks for incorporating intermediate and advance thru out the week..somehow..give me a many new things to learn..not only that..going thru the pain of commuting by train and lrts…ooo really gives me gooooooddddd lessonsss…and that point of time i really wish i am at traffic jams and commuting takes few minutes…so enjoy while can huh..

here are some pictures during the Project+ class…


CIMG2083 ni tg nak susun org..last day of class…

CIMG2084 ok this is all my lovely students…u guys r really sweet..

CIMG2085 sama macam atas..suka…suka…suka…but they really have a hard time understanding the material due to lack of experience..but they managed…aren’t they coolllll….

bye for now….catch more later…full of memory this JUNE…watch out!

Saturday, May 16, 2009

selamat hari guru……


happy teachers day …selamat hari guru……to all teachers in malaysia…

special dedication to all the teachers that have taught me in my yester years…to name them so many..i just jot down the school names…

1. srk marian convent ipoh (std1 – std6)

2. smjk main convent ipoh (form 1 – form 5)

3. ITM cawangan johor segamat (3 wonderful years with a diploma in hand – 1990-1992)

4. trainers at Perwira Affin Berhad Training center in cheras (even though i did not end up as a banker…but knowledge gain about banking matters is very useful to me - 1996)

5. miss sally yap – my manager that train me to be a good event planner, marketer, and promoter at subang parade, subang selangor (1997)

6. training manager, kak mawar, nurul asyiqin, and all senior trainers at new horizons computer learning center..thanks all for teaching me how to be a good trainer..a professional one..and the knowledge still flows till now..;) (1998-2000)

7. trainer during the PSMB TTT course…Siti Sahlah ..thanks a lot….(2007)

8. trainers at GITN during MSS Schoolnet and Internet training course (2007)

9. trainers for PPSMI VI 2008

thank you all for coloring my career life with full of fun, ups and down, and knowledge..will cherish that the entire life…


to all my friend everywhere in Malaysia, Sabah and Sarawak, all the best in your career as a teacher or educator and keep up the good work…god will bless the work we’re doing if it comes straight from the heart…

have fun!