Wednesday, June 17, 2009

malacca visit…2009

the time was just right when my father in-law, which is the president for OKU people at Kg Baru  Besut wanted to make a trip to malacca.

he then asked me whether i have any place to recommend for the trip.  so i recommended the complex…Kompleks Falak Al-Khawarizmi…then they can go down to Bandar Hilir and Ayer Keroh for site visiting and shopping…

so he then ask us to follow so that we could show them the place and help out with the pucuk dicita ulam mendatang…and during school i can bring my bunch of joys together..tagging along the OKU people.

so pictures .. later after the story k..we arrived on thursday afternoon and the OKu’s on friday morning..

everything goes well…ada la hickups here and there but it is normal..but neglected sgt coz there is no BBQ….patutnya malam tu ada BBQ and we end up having nasi lemak instead..panasnya hati….sebab dia dah kata we requested that our 3 meals to be added up into the BBQ..hampeh

so presenting all the pictures…tgk2 tau


P6130114 P6120032 P6120033 P6120037 P6120039 P6120040 P6120041 P6120047 P6120049 P6120050 P6120051 P6120056 P6120058 P6120063 P6120077 P6130098 P6130101 P6130103 P6130106 P6130112 P6130113


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